Savannah Cat Breeder in Phoenix, Arizona

Stunning Savannahs is a home-based cattery located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are registered with the International Cat Association (TICA – Stunning Cats) and a member of the Savannah Cat Club. We are the only TICA-registered Savannah Cat breeder in Arizona.

I have been breeding and raising several types of animals for decades and an animal lover since I was a child. I immediately fell in love with the Savannah cat, and after learning more about the breed I decided to raise these beautiful animals.

Our Savannah cats are amazing and each has their own personality. We strive to raise happy, healthy and socialized kittens that will bring a lifetime of love to their new owners.

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All of the Savannah kittens are cared for in our home with lots of love around them. Before our kittens meet their new family we make sure they undergo a complete checkup by the vet to ensure excellent health before reaching their new home. Weekly updates with pictures or video provided on request.

Healthy Cats

Our babies come with:
TICA registration
Genetic health guarantee
Full health certificate
Full exam of the heart, eyes, and parasite
Blood draw is done to show they are Feline Leukemia/FIV FREE
Booster shots

Healthy Diet

A balanced diet with raw ground chicken is great for Savannah cats. Feed raw food with a combination of high-quality dry food when you choose this diet for your cat’s nutrition.

Love and Care

Our kittens are raised by family with lots of love and socialization in a cage-free home.


F6 Savannah


F3 Savannah


F2 Savannah


F6 Silver Savannah

New litter of F4 Kittens available now!

Now accepting deposits from F3 Queen Nala’s new litter. Contact us to be notified or for more information.



F4 kittens born 12/20/21. 4 females, 2 males.

F4 Kittens Born 7/24/21. Only one kitten left in this litter! Saba is an absolute lover boy, he is beautiful and still looking for his forever home.


When you have chosen your kitten, a 15-50% deposit is required to reserve him/her. The deposit is payable through Venmo or Zelle.

We require the deposit is to ensure the new owner is serious about purchasing the kitten and to hold the kitten so as not to sell it to any other buyer. The deposit will also lock in the most recently quoted price.

Once your deposit payment is made and cleared, we will send you our “Deposit and Purchase Agreement” which includes reference to the deposit, the guarantee of the kitten you have reserved and your kitten’s health guarantee for your records.

To complete the agreement, we require the following information emailed to us:

  • Kitten of Choice ( Generation, gender, name)
  • Your Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Phone Number
  • Your Contact Email

The final payment and shipping expenses are due no later than 14 days before kittens are ready to leave for their new home, which is after two sets of vaccinations and at around 3 months of age.

As a TICA registered Breeder, we are required to sign a voluntary code of ethics. Within these ethics, one of the rules states, breeders are not allowed to release a kitten to the care of any new owner without the two sets of the required vaccinations. After that, kittens are healthy enough and ready to go to their forever new home.

Sometimes people ask if they can meet the kittens prior to purchasing. We apologize that we are not able to have visitors at our home due to the safety of our family, and the health and safety of our cats and their kittens. We are a small at home cattery, not a big facility raising cats in cages. Each cat and their kittens grow up in our family’s home and are given constant attention, love and affection. After kittens have reached the required age for their second set of vaccinations, we are then able to meet owners and potential owners in a public place so they can meet their kitten.

Please let us know as soon as you get your kitten home how he or she is settling in and feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

F3 Savannahs
$4500 Pet Price
$5500 Breeders Price

F4 Savannahs
$3500 Pet Price
$4500 Breeders Price

F5 Savannahs
$2500 Pet Price
$4000 Breeders Price

F6 Savannahs
$1500 Pet Price
$4000 Breeders Price

Please note F1–F4 hybrid males are sterile and they are not sold as breeders.


About shipping  (Only domestic shipping, no international shipping)

Once your kitten is fully vaccinated, ready to travel or be picked up, shipping is possible with some airline restrictions depending on your location. Cargo shipping price is around $350-$600 with the courier we provide, a veterinary health check and certificate.  We use United Airlines PetSafe or American Airlines.

In person pick-up

Once your kitten is fully vaccinated, ready to travel or be picked up, you may want to consider flying out to visit them and then travel back with your kitten as a “carry-on.” American Airlines would be the airline of choice for “carry-on” pet cargo.

Make sure to check with your airline in advance and notify them at the time of booking.  We are happy to bring your kitten to the airport and meet you (Phoenix Sky Harbor – PHX).

Final payment and shipping expenses are due no later than 14 days before your kitten leaves.


The hybrid Savannah cat is an exotic feline, which is a cross between the Wild African Serval and a domesticated house cat. It has the striking coat pattern of the wild African Serval. The Savannah cat is a more manageable option that will bond with your family, as well as your other pets.

Savannah’s have a very unique personality. They do love attention and the occasional belly rub. These cats are very outgoing and energetic, so they do require a lot of attention. They are also very loving and sweet and if they get attached to their human, they become loyal and devoted. Savannahs are cats that have a dog-like personality. They are highly intelligent cats and can be taught to walk on a leash and do different tricks. A Savannah likes to catch different objects especially balls and can be taught to play fetch. Unlike a house cat, Savannahs love water, and swimming is one of their favorite things to do.

Please do your thorough research and decide whether this breed is right for you!

Where are Savannah Cats Legal?

Some States do not allow Savannah cats because they are a hybrid breed and before purchasing a Savannah, it is important for you to know your State’s laws on hybrids. Each State has different laws and they frequently change. The best way to find out if your State allows you to own a hybrid is to visit hybridlaw.com and by clicking on your State, you will find the needed information. You may also want to contact your city/county, just to be sure.

For more info and to reserve a Savannah kitten please call



Diet and Litter Training

Savannahs require a combination of foods to support their health and provide energy. We feed our Savannahs high quality dry and wet cat food as well as raw home grown meat. Our kittens stay with their mom and drink milk for about 7-8 weeks. After, they start eating wet kitten food. We also provide dry food specifically for kittens and we alternate these foods in order for them to have a well balanced nutritious diet. Our Savannahs are also fed raw meat. We try to keep a strict grain-free diet and stay away from meats that contain small bones because that could cause choking.

Litter training: All of our kittens come litterbox trained before going to their new home. Our wonderful Savannah moms take care of their kittens a minimum of 7 weeks and teach them how to use the litter box. However, sometimes a kitten might have an accident. Ideally, use a shallow litter box so they can go in and out easily. They will instinctively understand where you want them to do their business.

Vet Care

It is important to find a vet clinic that specializes or is educated on how to provide care for exotic animals. Before visiting the vet, let your veterinarian know that you have a hybrid Savannah kitten. If you have any questions about the health of your kitten or about trips to the vet, feel free to contact us and ask questions. We are always happy to help!


The decision of spaying/neutering a kitten is up to the owner of the Savannah. You, as the owner, will have to decide if you want your Savannah to be fixed. A reason for fixing would be if you want the Savannah only as a pet and not for breeding. As F1-F4 generations are sterile, but every Savannah cat is different and even an F3 might surprise you. However, before deciding this question, we recommend that you research about the procedure and talk with your vet about anesthesia and medications.


Please do not declaw your Savannah cat! This procedure is not a simple trim of the nails. It includes amputating the first joint of the toe and this can lead to many health issues such as deformation of the paws and life-long chronic pain. We advise you to take this procedure seriously and educate yourself before making such a big decision. There are other ways that you can keep your cat from scratching the furniture such as getting them a scratching post or scratch deterrent spray and tape.


Phoenix, Arizona


If you aren’t finding exactly what you are looking for, we do accept future reservations and will contact you first regarding future litters.
Please contact us for more information or to be added to the waiting list.

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