“She is a great cat. My sister got to FaceTime with her and was impressed by how easily she adapted to being with us. You raising her in the house I’m sure really made all the difference.”

Ocha F5

“He’s been such a good kitty! He slept through the night and is eating and playing. We just took him to the vet and got a full clean bill of health. They…said it looks like we have a beautiful healthy happy kitten.”

Zeus F5

My husband is so smitten already, he says I want another one. We will most likely sleep in Avatar’s room tonight.

Avatar F4

“She is the sweetest cat I have ever met. She is adjusting very well and she is very happy. Thank you so much!”

Lexi and owner
Lexi F4

Pumpkin is amazing! She’s loving and great with other animals. She plays catch, sleeps on me, and loves to go outside on her leash.

Pumpkin F4

She’s sleeping on my pillow on my bed after lots of playing. I have her blanky over her, kind of wrapped her in it after I found her asleep on my pillow. She is so darn cute!

Mocha F4Mocha F4 from Chandler, AZ

I love him so much! He’s been so good all day, thank you for raising him so well! He’s so funny and loves to hug and kiss me when I get home
He’s everything I wanted! My little dream kitten.  He hasn’t hissed once. Has never bit me hard just playful.

Jon Snow F4David from Tempe, AZ

Ruby is my best friend and makes my life so much better [she] is “PERFECT” for me. I love this kitten. I went on a motorcycle ride with my friends on Thursday and instead of enjoying the ride with my friends, all I could think of was that I wanted to get home to Ruby. She is the little love of my life!

Nala does not use the bed I bought her, she wants to sleep with Ruby.  Nala is an amazing kitten, your kittens are wonderful!

They are my beautiful babies! I feel so lucky and blessed to have this family!

Nala and Ruby
Ruby and NalaMr. Olson, from California

She is doing great! Obviously scared but purring when we hold her and talk to her. We love her so much.

Hana F3Sandra & Rick from Glendale, AZ

She is so sweet. We are thinking about getting another savannah. She is great !!!! We love her so much!  

Nabi F3Pam from Surprise, AZ